• What does your recruitment and screening process entail?

    Our screening process is based on over 30 years of providing executive search and recruitment services. Our commitment is to ensuring that both our candidate and our customer are satisfied. We invest a tremendous amount of time and energy to meet the needs of our customers with skilled individuals with disabilities. When Bender Consulting Services submits a candidate to one of our customers for review, we are in effect indicating that we believe that this person not only has the skills, education, and experience to do the job, but also indicating that we trust this person to represent our company well by demonstrating an outstanding work ethic and a professional attitude. Candidates submitted to our customers bring with them Bender’s reputation for demonstrating excellence in services.

    In order to determine how a candidate best fits our customers’ needs, our recruitment process includes multiple interviews, completion of an extensive application, reference checks, and other checks as determined by the specific needs of our customers (this could include a criminal background investigation or check, employment verification, drug test, credit check, etc. as determined by our customer). Along each step of the way, from the time a candidate applies for employment, their application is reviewed to determine how well they meet our current needs. Not all individuals who apply with Bender Consulting will receive an interview.

    Since Bender Consulting’s objective is recruiting qualified candidates for positions provided to us by our customers, the length of our process is determined by the current needs of our customers. Depending on the positions they have requested we work to fill and the locations of those opportunities, we may or may not be able to move forward in the process with your application.

    During this process, we often keep applications on file and open in our system, due to the ever-changing needs of our customers. When we determine a position that matches the candidate’s skills, we will contact the candidate to determine availability and interest in moving forward in our process.

    As we are not an employment agency or vocational social services agency, Bender Consulting does not offer vocational social services counseling during this period of time.

  • Do you only hire people with disabilities?

    Our customers’ partner with us to meet their diversity recruitment goals as it pertains to hiring individuals with disabilities. Therefore, our customers are expecting us to submit only candidates who meet the definition of having a disability.

  • What companies do you work with?

    Representative companies that Bender Consulting has developed partnerships with include CSC, Bayer Corporation, and Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield.

  • If I have questions after an interview, who can I contact?

    Please complete the career search status request form and a member of our recruitment team will get back to you.

  • Do you pay for relocation?

    No, we do not provide reimbursement for relocation expenses.

  • Where are your job openings located?

    We receive job opportunities throughout the United States. Please send your resume to resume@benderconsult.com to inquire about positions near you.

  • What will I like about working for Bender Consulting Services?

    Bender Consulting has a family atmosphere, and is aligned with many world-class private and public sector employers, offering tremendous career opportunities, as well as growth potential.

  • Where should I send my resume?

    For positions in the United States, send your resume to, resume@benderconsult.com.

  • Is this a permanent or part-time job? Is this an internship?

    This is not an internship. We are a consulting firm that focuses on full-time, competitive employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

  • What factors differentiate Bender Consulting from other consulting firms?

    At Bender Consulting, we have built a national reputation for providing only the very best candidates to our employers. Due to this foundation of excellence and the outstanding performance of those who we have placed, our customers view us as partners working together to fill their open positions while increasing their outreach and hiring of members of the disability community.

    Our private sector customers are prestigious corporations, mainly Fortune 500 companies, who work with us to fill full-time positions. As an employee of Bender Consulting Services, working on location at our customer’s site, you would be able to take advantage of our generous benefits package. Through our federal contracts, we have provided recruitment services to premiere agencies such as the National Security Agency, Department of the Navy, and the Office of Personnel Management. If selected to work directly for one of our federal partners, you would be eligible to participate in their specific benefits programs.

  • What is Bender Consulting’s philosophy on training employees to advance in their careers?

    Bender Consulting has a strong commitment to the idea of training our employees to advance in their careers. Our customers share our commitment to rewarding hard work with advancement and continue the practice.

  • What type of benefits package does Bender Consulting offer?

    In addition to a competitive salary, Bender Consulting offers a generous benefits package that includes health insurance, dental insurance, short-term disability, long-term disability, paid vacation, and paid holidays. Additional details regarding our benefits will be discussed during our interview process.

  • Who will provide workplace accommodations for me if I need one: the client or Bender Consulting?

    Requests for workplace accommodations are to be discussed thoroughly with the Bender Consulting staff, prior to accepting any position. If an accommodation is needed after working with Bender Consulting, you should discuss your request with a Bender Consulting manager to determine the best method of satisfying your objective.

  • Am I required to complete an application?

    Yes. All candidates applying for consideration for either federal or private sector career opportunities through Bender Consulting Services are asked to complete our application. Our application is an integral part of our recruitment process. Failure to complete our application may result in a candidate not being considered for our open jobs.

  • Am I required to provide references?

    Yes. At the appropriate time in the recruitment process, Bender will conduct a reference check. Our customers rely on us to thoroughly screen our candidates. This includes contacting professional references such as employers, colleagues, or professors to verify our candidates’ work ethic and reliability.

  • Why am I asked to provide transcripts? Could I be ruled out as a candidate based on my GPA?

    Yes. As a part of our initial screening process, we ask our candidates to provide unofficial transcripts as proof of education. At some point in the process, our customer may request you to provide an official sealed copy of your transcripts. Unofficial transcripts can also be used to give us further understanding of how you may fit into our open positions or to aid us in underscoring your skills and training when presenting you for consideration for one of our customers’ jobs.

    Traditionally, Bender considers each applicant based on the total sum of their education, experience, and work ethic; meaning that while GPA may play a factor, it is not the only factor in determining an applicant’s employability. However, in instances where one of our customers has a specific GPA requirement, Bender must comply with the qualifications for that specific opportunity. In those instances, we are unable to move forward with candidates who do not meet the minimum GPA requirements.

  • Why do I have to interview with Bender if I am not interested in working for Bender Consulting Services, but rather as a direct-hire at a federal agency?

    We are retained to provide specific recruitment and screening services in support of our customers’ diversity outreach efforts. Our process for finding qualified candidates to fill our customers’ positions is long and extensive because we thoroughly screen applicants based on a combination of education, experience, work ethic, and professionalism. Because of this, we only submit candidates to our customers for review if we believe that they first meet the qualifications of our customers’ opportunities and second share our values as it pertains to professionalism and work ethic.

  • I was referred for the Shared List/Bender’s List, why do I have to fill out an application/interview?

    We are retained by federal agencies to provide specific recruitment and screening services in support of their diversity outreach efforts. Our contracts with our federal customers, including the Shared List, require us to thoroughly screen applicants based on a combination of education, experience, work ethic, and professionalism. Not all applicants who apply for federal positions will receive an interview or be included in the Shared List.

  • Who is my counselor?

    As we do not provide vocational social services counseling, you will not be assigned a counselor. If you have a question about your status, please complete the career search status request form and a member of our team will get back to you.

  • What is the difference between Bender Consulting Services and an employment or vocational agency?

    Bender Consulting Services provides recruitment services to companies and federal agencies in support of their diversity hiring initiatives while employment or vocational social services agencies provide employment services to job seekers.

  • If I am currently working, can I apply for positions at Bender?

    Yes. We are happy to receive your resume if you are currently working and considering a career change.

  • Do you receive positions for entry-level candidates?

    Yes. Many of our openings fall within the category of being entry-level or early-career opportunities. These positions typically require education/training as designated by our customer and 0-2 years of related experience. Frequently, our entry-level positions will consider related internships, volunteer experience, or higher education toward the total experience requirements.

  • Do you provide pre-employment training?

    Bender Consulting Services does not provide vocational training or employment counseling services.

  • Do you receive positions for experienced candidates?

    Yes. We receive positions that span from the very entry level to very experienced, including federal positions that range from the GS-3 to the GS-15 level.

  • Do Bender recruiters work on commission?

    No. Our recruiters work together in a team atmosphere to find the most successful candidate for our employers.

  • What is Bender Consulting doing to advocate for people with disabilities?

    Bender Consulting Services is rooted in a strong sense of community and volunteerism. Our CEO regularly speaks to companies and agencies about employment of people with disabilities and has provided formal testimonies as an expert in disability employment. In addition, our CEO is involved with several disability organizations including the American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD) and the national Epilepsy Foundation.

  • I experienced discrimination from potential employers/current employer due to my disability, how can Bender Consulting help?

    Bender Consulting Services does not provide legal counseling or representation.

  • What if I do not wish my employer to know I have a disability?

    Our customers’ partner with us to meet their diversity recruitment goals as it pertains to hiring individuals with disabilities. Therefore, our customers are expecting us to submit only candidates who meet the definition of having a disability.

  • Will I be required to travel for an interview?

    We do not require applicants to travel during our internal Bender interview process; however, if our customer requests an in-person interview, our candidate would be expected to travel to the customer’s location at their own expense.

  • Will my job require me to travel?

    We receive jobs that require little to no travel and jobs that require extensive travel. Expectations related to travel will be discussed when reviewing specific employment opportunities with the candidate.

  • Is there a charge to use your services?

    Bender Consulting Services is paid directly by our customers, the companies and agencies that retain us to conduct recruitment efforts on their behalf. We do not charge a fee to applicants interested in applying for consideration for our open positions. Fee-based organizations are typically employment agencies who work on behalf of the candidate in order to assist them in finding employment. At Bender Consulting, we do not provide employment search services to job applicants, but rather work to fill opportunities received by our customers with the appropriate candidate.

  • I am not sure if I qualify as having a disability; how can I know if I am eligible to apply for opportunities with Bender?

    Bender Consulting has hired both individuals with visible, physical disabilities and individuals with hidden disabilities. If you are unsure that you qualify as a person with a disability, you should consult your doctor or physician.

  • Do you hire veterans with disabilities?

    Yes. Please apply online by clicking here.